Makrite 9500 N95 NIOSH Respiratory Masks (Bulk Wholesale for Medical Facilities)


Makrite masks have been designed to protect against solids including minerals, coal, iron ore, flour and other substances. These masks are long-lasting with a comfortable, soft inner surface. They offer an adjustable nose piece and will give you very secure head straps for an excellent fit. The masks have a 510(k) number, especially for the medical market and have NIOSH approval as well.

NIOSH: TC-84A-5411 FDA 510(K): K020474

The Makrite 9500 series is a NIOSH Approved respirator meeting the  “standards” for all industries that use these products. This basic N95 product was created to compete with similar disposable respirators. The cone style of the N95 mask is the most widely sought-after masks in all working environments.

The Makrite 9500 has been designed to meet NIOSH’s strict approval requirements for breathing resistance and effective filtration. Most companies who are interested in the N95 respirators have selected either the 9500 series or the MK series in order to build a substantial line of disposable respirators.

These masks are FDA and NIOSH approved to filter 95% of certain elements. They are very long-lasting while remaining soft and comfortable to wear. The N95 masks come with an adjustable nose piece and secure head straps for an excellent fit. The Makrite 9500-N95 Disposable Respirators protect against non-oil based substances, keeping you safe from dust and debris.  The respirator offers a soft padded nose seal along with an adjustable metal nose clip to prevent eyeglasses from fogging up.


MAKRITE 9500 N95 TC-84A-5411 Disposable Respirator

NIOSH certified for a filter effectiveness of 95% or greater against non-oil particles. N95disposable respirators offer electrostatically charged microfibers designed for easy breathing.  These respirators are designed to filter the air you breathe and protect you from unhealthy elements including bacteria and many viruses.

Protects against non-oil particles. The triple-layer construction is designed for compliance, fit, and comfort. The ultra-sonic seals offer structural stability as well as latex-free head straps for a secure seal.  The mask also offers an excellent filtration system in the middle

Technical Specs

  • Item: Disposable Respirator
  • Respirator Filter Class: N95
  • Exhalation Valve: No
  • Nose Clip: Yes
  • Face Seal: None
  • Mask Size: Universal
  • Nuisance Odor Removal: None
  • Respirator Shape: Molded
  • Individually Packaged: No
  • Fluid Resistant: No
  • Color: White

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MAK 9500-N95




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